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Sorrisniva offers guests a true Arctic experience with accommodation in the premium Arctic Wilderness Lodge or Igloo Hotel, renowned local cuisine, and a wide range of nature experiences throughout the dramatically different Arctic seasons.

This gift card contains a value that may be used on accommodation at the Igloo Hotel and Arctic Wilderness Lodge, the Lavvu Restaurant, or towards one of our many premium arctic wilderness experiences. 


Accommodation at Arctic Wilderness Lodge in River Room for 2

The new wilderness lodge is built on the banks of the internationally renowned Alta river in Norway’s high Arctic. 

The gift card includes one night in a River Room for two adults. Valid in period 20. December 2022 - 31. March 2023 or 15. May 2023 - 31. July 2023.

kr 5020,-

Accommodation in Themed Suite at Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel

Take a break from everyday life and feel the peace and quiet that the Iglo hotel gives you. Take a walk among handmade ice sculptures or have an ice drink in our bar.

This gift card includes accommodation for two in one of our spectacular themed suites in the Igloo Hotel, including breakfast, and morning sauna.

kr 6540,-

Accommodation in Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel - Double Room

Take a break from everyday life and get acquainted with the serenity and tranquility that the Igloo hotel gives you. Take a walk among handmade ice sculptures or have a blue ice drink that the bar.

This gift card includes accommodation for two in our spectacular Ice Hotel in a double room, breakfast, and a morning sauna. 

kr 4820,-

Entrance to Ice Hotel (adult)

Visit the Igloo Hotel which offers you the opportunity to explore the igloo building, view the main room with its many fantastic ice sculptures, visit the Ice Chapel, view a selection of the bedrooms and generally experience the special ambience created by the ice construction.

You may also read about the history of the Igloo Hotel at Sorrisniva and how it is built each year in the exhibition room.

This gift card gives an adult entrance to the Ice Hotel. 

kr 230,-

Culinary Fine Dining in Maku Restaurant

The fine dining menu in our new Maku Restaurant provides a culinary adventure that your tastebuds will never forget. The menu at Maku changes with the Arctic seasons and brings the finest ingredients gathered from nature's larder into the Arctic Wilderness Lodge, where you will witness our talented chefs create a feast before your eyes from the open kitchen.

The gift card is valid for a 5-course dinner for 2 in Maku Restaurant.

kr 1990,-

Arctic Light Snowmobile Experience for 2

Our Arctic Light Snowmobile Experience has you driving your own snowmobile through the wilderness of the Alta River valley up to the inland plateau. This adventure offers a combination of exhilarating snowmobiling and the Arctic wilderness under special Arctic light conditions. Your guide will provide you with your thermal suit, boots, gloves, and helmet, as well as instruct you on how to drive the snowmobile properly so that you can go wild ways in safe hands.

Gift card is valid for 2 adults to share one snowmobile. 

kr 3600,-

Entrance Ticket to the Ice Hotel (child)

Experience The World's Northernmost Igloo Hotel

Feel the magic. Witness the detailed works of art. And enter a frozen world of possibilities. Here at Sorrisniva, we build a brand new Igloo Hotel during early winter. The Igloo Hotel stands strong from the 20th of December to the 7th of April each year. Designed with a unique and original theme, the Igloo Hotel is built and crafted by a crew of local artists. Throughout the winter season, it is possible to visit the Igloo Hotel, book a guided tour, or even stay overnight in the Arctic icon of snow and ice.

Gift card valid for entrance to the Igloo Hotel for children 3-12 yrs. old. 

kr 60,-

Riverboat Experience to Alta Canyon

Traveling against the current of the Alta River and powering through exciting rapids, this journey takes you to the farthest possible point in the river by riverboat. The trip up the river starts in a green, lush forest landscape of pine, birch, and aspen, with low hills, houses, and farms on the riverbank. 

Soon the landscape changes character, and the mountains and cliffs creep closer to the river. Eventually, the landscape appears dark and intense as we drive through several rapids. Finally, we reach Gabonakken, also known as Gabo, where the unique and breathtaking form of the Alta Canyon dominates the landscape.

This gift card is valid for 2 adults for a riverboat experience to Alta Canyon.

kr 3150,-